Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A whole month!

Ok, so it hasn't been a whole month, at least not completely. I am 7 days away from not posting for a month and there have been times when I knew I should post but I didn't take the time to.

It has been a strange month for me. Constantly moving forward but always feeling like I was standing still. I have been going through some health concerns, dealing with a move and dealing with a million other things.

Not much has changed in the whole but I have resolved some of the health issues and I am starting over again with trying to quit coffee. Boy will that be fun. I am also trying for baby number three and although I would love to have a girl, I am sure it will be a boy.

So on that note, I will sign off for tonight and hopefully I will resurface tomorrow and post something, anything, even if it just my shopping list.

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