Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New Year, New Life for an Old Blog

New year! Okay, it’s May but it is a new year for this blog site  as I am starting over with blogging. If you remember, I am not much of a blogger, although I try to be. 
So as I launch my new website and new schedule between work and writing full time (you know, the other full time job that I love), I am going to dedicate a bit more time to keeping my blog updated. 
I will update the blog on a regular basis but it won’t be every day…that I can guarantee you.:) But hopefully it will be several times a month and maybe even several times a week. GASP!
But for now, just a quick update. I hope you enjoy and I hope to keep you up to date on what is happening in my little writer’s world with tons of exciting information to share with you in the upcoming months and years.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Not much of a Blogger

Okay, I admit it.  I am not much of a blogger.  Ever since I was a little girl, I didn't want to write a journal and a blog is a lot like a journal. It wasn't that I didn't write. I was always writing and I have folders upon folders of stories, random sentences and poems that date back over 20 years.  What I don't have is a journal (actually, I have several failed journals) and it is mostly because I am a private person.

I want to share the stories I write, the successes of the writers I work with as an editor and funny stories as I come across them.  I have always been hesitant on sharing things that are going on in my life. Some are things that are personal and I want them to remain private.  Other things just seem rather dull.  And I don't want to subject you to something dull and rather pointless.

So that is the reason why the blog is rather quiet but I am making an effort to blog more over the month of June.  In addition to the blogging, I am going to be challenging myself as an author and writing 50,000 words in June.  I will be starting tomorrow and I will definitely let you know what is happening with the word count and maybe share some pages from my books as I do.

I have a few ideas for additional novels and I have my novel, The Hunted, going out to beta readers this week.  Hopefully, I will have a published novel by the end of the month and will be working through edits on my second novel.

I will be posting so that maybe I can move my status from "Not much of a blogger" to "Well, she is an okay blogger" in the near future.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

1000 Miles For the Week

I just wanted to give everyone an update, this week the walk in honor/1000 miles has not happened for one simple reason, parenthood.  My oldest is in a program that takes him out of his regular class every few months to go to an advanced program. Unfortunately, this means I have to drive him to another school that is 30 minutes away (if there is no traffic) but is more commonly a 45 minute to 1 hour commute.  So having to drive there and back twice per day, my commute time has been about four hours every day.

Normally, I wouldn't complain but I have not been feeling well so the addition commute, work and various obligations, my walking time has been very low. I have managed about a half mile to a mile every day but I did not want to record the amounts as I did not feel like I put enough into it this week.  I will be back to walking tomorrow and will have a few months where I won't have to do that commute every day.

So I apologize for this last week but I will be walking again soon.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 28: Walking for SMD

The walking trail took me along the river today and as I was walking, I was really thinking about how life is filled with hardships and with choices.  SMD has had numerous hardships and has survived both childhood abuse and neglect as well as abusive relationships.  Today, SMD is a survivor that is thriving.

One thing that really struck me is that one brush of violence leave ripples across an entire lifetime. One swipe can eat away at the heart and the mind and can cause us to make bad choices without us even realizing it.  We move forward, sometimes remember every detail of that violence and other times forgetting it, but the ripple is there, growing larger and larger like a pebble thrown into a river.

But this pebble isn't small, it is a large bolder that makes itself known and it becomes a cycle of abuse that is very hard to break.  The cycle can be broken, the ripples from that rock can be stilled, life can become beautiful and be filled with meaning.

SMD has dealt with that ripple and while I would love to go on about her story, there really is just a few lines that I would love for her to see. These are:

You are a strong woman who I am honored to know.  You care deeply for others, you are intelligent and you deserve happiness. Thank you for sharing your story with me and I am honored that you allowed me to walk with you.  I know that you have overcome so much to be the wonderful woman that you are today.

So these miles are for you SMD!

Mileage: 4.365
Total: 11.939

Due to a few commitments, I was not able to walk during Saturday and on Sunday, I didn't have as much time as I would have liked so I simply walked for survivors again.

If you would like me to walk for someone, please email me at

My 1000 miles challenge was inspired by Angela Giles Klocke and her own 1000 miles journey.  You can find Angela's journey at Scars and Tiaras.  Please visit her site and her facebook page to learn more about how you can get involved in the 1000 miles challenge.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 27: Walking for Family

Today was a hard day.  I put off walking until late in the afternoon, finally forcing myself out the door at 4pm.  I had a dozen excuses not to walk. My legs hurt from the last two days.  The weather was horrible with a mixture of rain and snow. It was too cold in the morning; too wet in the afternoon. But while I had a lot of excuses, I knew the one excuse was that today I was walking for my family.

And the family wasn't my kids or husband; it was my siblings and my mom, my aunts and uncles, anyone in my family that had been touched by violence in one way or another.  I hesitated this morning because I wasn't sure if I should walk for them.  I wasn't sure if they wanted me to or not but I finally decided to do it.  As you can tell, doubts still affect me and it was a test to overcome the doubt of my family.

But families do deserve to be recognized, not just mine but every survivor's family. That is something that we often forget...every survivor has a family and regardless of how insular the violence can be, others can't help but be touched by it.  I have seen it in the face of a friend/coworker whose sister was murdered.  They never caught the murderer but I saw the haunted pain in her eyes as she would talk to me about it on her breaks.  I have seen it in the words of another woman I knew, who wanted her adult children to know about the horrible rape she had suffered at the age of 16. She was hurt that her family couldn't speak to her about it, devastated that they turned away, tears in their eyes begging her to stop, that they didn't want to know. But her counselor had said something that stuck with me as is not the duty of our children to bear our past because the weight of the future is more than enough.

I guess that is why I was hesitant to walk for my family, because I was witness to their pain but it is not my story to tell.  I did tell part of it though.  Nine years ago, I sat down and wrote my childhood down. It was painful at times but it was also cathartic.  For me, writing down my story was what I needed to move past it and I just wrote the bad memories.

What was left in me were the happy memories.  The laughter, the love that we shared.  It wasn't that the bad memories were erased but they were exorcised.  They didn't hold onto me like they used to and I could laugh.  I could tell silly stories of me falling asleep on my bike and both my brother and I falling onto the gravel road.  Or how my oldest brother taught me how to use nun chucks, managing to bash me in the head in the process; I had a dark purple goose egg at my temple for several weeks after that.

I remember the days drifting lazily in the water of the lake with my sister or how the first time she convinced me to swim across it, she told me it was bottomless in the middle.  My kids laughed when I told them how I had forced her to walk through dense forest and then down a highway for about a mile in nothing but our bathing suits and bare feet after we finally made it all the way across.  There was no way I could swim after that (although the second time she convinced me, I made it both ways and it created a daily ritual for me).

I could remember the memories of my mom and how every kid in town called her mom when she owned her own arcade.  How one day a man came into the arcade to rob her.  She didn't know what he had planned but the kindness of her heart made her offer him free hot dogs, donuts and coffee.  She even gave him a brown paper bag that he took to the convenience store  and had them fill with their cash register.  While she felt awful about the convenience store, it showed how kindness can change an action.

Writing that story made it possible to see that there were times when we were happy.

So today, when I walked for my family, I walked with happy memories running through my mind.  I walked knowing that regardless of how far away we are that I will always love them and they will always be in my heart. Thank you for everything that you have done and the strength you have given me to be who I am today.

Mileage: 2.563
Total: 7.574

If you would like me to walk for someone, please email me at

My 1000 miles challenge was inspired by Angela Giles Klocke and her own 1000 miles journey.  You can find Angela's journey at Scars and Tiaras.  Please visit her site and her facebook page to learn more about how you can get involved in the 1000 miles challenge.