Thursday, October 11, 2007

Green Spaces

The cool green whispered of secrets not yet shared and I felt like I had come home. I knew what it was, knew who was calling me and I answered with an open soul. Mother Earth beckoned with her unique smells; damp earth, water, trees, life. She laughed with the simple wildflowers dancing in a gust of sunlight. She tickled my skin with the hands of reaching bushes and she welcomed me home to cool shadowy places where I could rest and become rejuvenated.

Although it might sound like the beginning to an even deeper story, it is simply a lead in for pictures from this summer's trip to Blue Mountain and the Scenic Caves. I loved it there and I have been threatening to post pictures of it for a while. After last week and a stressful couple of days, I have to admit that I am more than ready to head back there and find the serenity that evades me now.

A Place to Climb

A hole in the stone. I thought it was interesting how the photograph came out.

The view at one point

Dark Green Places

Of course I couldn't resist taking a picture of a thistle. My little wildflower.

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