Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another Article

It is always exciting to see your words in print whether they are in an e-zine, magazine, or book. You know that at least 10 people you don't know will take the time to read it and that in the few minutes it takes them to finish it, you have influenced them at least slightly.

I know that I may not write about political views or anything, although I can if I chose to, but even knowing that a few more gardeners may create a living wreath simply because of my article is exciting in its own way.

So why am I in such a good mood and ranting about living wreaths. It's because my article has been published today in the e-zine, The Blessed Garden. If you would like to read it just follow this link http://www.blessedgardens.com/this_month/Living-Wreaths.html of just ignore my little squeal of delight and continue on your way.

i know that I will still have a great day and my article will be there to read if you ever decide you need a living wreath.

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