Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jonas Brothers' New Book

Today as I was waiting for dinner to be finished (yes I was cooking), I was flipping through a magazine and happened upon a little article, I mean it wasn't much more than a blurp, talking about the new Jonas Brothers book. It read about how you get an intimate look into each brother's life and blah, blah, blah.

I started laughing and my husband asked me what was so funny. Of course, I had to be a bit of a smart ass, and I said, "The Jonas Brothers have a new book featuring their life story. Jeez, how much of a life story can they have in their late teens, early twenties?"

My husband's answer was simply, "I'm not sure but I bet there are a lot of pictures in it."

Throughout this conversation, my seven year old son was busy drawing a picture at the dining room table and we were actually talking above him, something that I try not to do but he was immersed in his drawing, or so I thought.

Just as my husband finished his sentence, we heard, "Yeah, I bet it goes, "They were born, they played, they decided to make music. The end."

I thought it was very clever that he followed all of it and was able to say it with such a straight face. I know that I have a fledgling smart ass that is quickly gaining rank in a family of smart asses but sometimes it is surprising to see it, or I guess hear it would be appropriate.

But anyway, just thought I would write a post and this was a funny thing that happened to me that I just wanted to share.

Take care and maybe I will be back tomorrow.