Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Working on revisions today for Lost Souls, which I am happy to say that I am on 32,000+ words revised several times. I am rewriting a chapter, not the first chapter to be rewritten and not the last.

When I started Lost Souls I just wrote without editing, now I am paying for that and I have had some major rewrites because of it. I took out a character that I loved only to have to rewrite him into it so that I didn't have to pull a god thing just to make him work. Now he works but every chapter that he was in has to be rewritten for the most part. This has made the revisions a long process but I am happier with the story than I was initially, which was very happy after it was first finished.

I will not be doing a book like this again. I think my next manuscript will be done chapter by chapter, write it, revise it and then move on. I will save the later revisions for the whole book but the first and probably 2nd revisions will be done right after I write a chapter. That way I don't have to rewrite so much.

Anyway, after I finished doing revisions for tonight, I decided to see what my word count was at so far. The grand total was 32,666. I wouldn't have been thrown by the last three numbers except the word that I ended on was hell. Ok, that's coincidental and a little eerie since that part of the book was during an intense scene and the book is a horror novel. So I decided to keep writing for a little while until I got closer to 33,000. I know, it's me being silly but that would have bothered me all night. Now I can relax and just go to bed without worrying over it.

I'm off to relax and then I want to get up early to work on the novel. My focus right now is the novel. That is my dream and I need to start pursuing it a little bit more than I have been. There is always an article to write, one where the pay comes in a lot faster and I tend to ignore the novel when the thought of a pay check is dangled before me. So no distractions for the rest of this week, except an hour each day spent job hunting, and I will be focused solely on Lost Souls at least when I am working.

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