Saturday, September 8, 2007

How Many Crosses Do You See?

At the Martyr's Shrine there is a prayer garden in the forest. It is a short path that leads to an opening. You can hear the wind blowing through the trees and for a nature lover like me it is the ideal place to pray and meditate.
In that clearing a Saint used to go there to pray and he saw a cross hanging in the air above him each time he visited there. They have a wooden cross nailed up to aid people in seeing what the Saint saw and a statue of him kneeling where they believe he had kneeled. I took a picture of him...

and then I took a picture standing beside him. My DH was amazed at all the crosses in the picture. He didn't see them when he was there but it is the reason I took the picture. I was surprised by how many I saw in the photograph after I got it on the computer. So how many crosses do you see?

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