Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Blank pages dance before my eyes and I really believe I'm about to cry. Where are the words when I need them most, they faded away like forgotten ghosts.

Yep, inspiration has hit in the midst of a writer's block. I have read somewhere that writer's don't have blocks; all it is is a figment of our imagination but whoever wrote that (and I can't seem to find it) probably wasn't a writer. I have articles to finish, my own book to edit and I really feel the need to start novel number 2 but all I have are blank pages, ignored notes and a number of emails to answer.

I am hoping that the block passes soon and all I can do is slug away at my work. The one problem with writing with a block is I am never happy with what I am producing. My clients are happy, saying that the work is excellent but I know that I could do so much better. The words don't flow easily and I know that anyone who is reading it will say, "Oh, there's the part where she stumbled."

Anyway, just a quick post (I know I am awful at posting but then again, you should see my journal), and now I need to get back to work. Expect a bunch of these little posts while I am dealing with the block. I seem to have little snippets here and there that I seem to focus on but maybe writing them down will get me over the block.

Have a good day,