Friday, October 26, 2007

Class last night

Had class last night and found it pretty boring. Usually I find it enjoyable because my instructor is very funny but he didn't seem to be in his usual mood.

I think my lack of enthusiasm was partly due to the fact that I was almost late. I hate being late and prefer to arrive about a half hour early. This gives me time to relax and get some much needed editing done to either an article or my novel. Last night was meant for the novel and I found myself racing over to FedEx and the bank before I could go to class.

I decided at class that I was going to stay up late and edit but I barely made the 45 minute drive home without falling asleep. I swear I saw a cougar run across the road but chopped it up to a sleepy mind and opened the window to let the cool air in.

The rest of the night was spent in a pity fest. Should I be a writer? Do I have the talent but lack the training or am I just lying to myself about the talent? It was a moot point and DH was helpful by pointing out the successes that I have already had. His favourite saying is, ":You can't expect it to come easy. I couldn't go and sculpt a miniature right from the start, it took years of training."

Sometimes I hate sculptors, especially when they are making sense. LOL. That is what my husband does by the way. He sculpts miniatures and it is a talent that I have no skill in. I am always amazed at how he can shape a ball of putty into a miniature. If I took a ball of putty, worked for weeks on it, I would have a dented ball of putty at the end.

His pep talked worked but I was a little upset with him that he wouldn't let me have my pity fest. I mean everyone deserves a pity fest now and then. I guess I will have to thank him by finishing his web page for him. Something I have been avoiding.

Well, have a great weekend and I'll probably chat some more tomorrow.

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