Friday, February 29, 2008

Anne Frank's "One True Love"

The other day I came across an article about Anne Frank and how they finally have a picture of Anne Frank's "one true love." You can read it here if you haven't yet,

If you haven't read the Diary of Anne Frank, I would strongly suggest that you do so. I read it a few years ago and it has become one of my most honored books. You don't approach the book looking for a good read (although it is very strong) or witty plot lines carefully pieced together by some writer. You approach it as what it truly is, the world through the eyes of a young Jewish girl during World War 2.

You really see who Anne Frank was and you share in the world that she knew for over 2 years, it is not filled with just unhappiness (there are some very unhappy parts) but it is also filled with the human spirit and its ability to continue on despite horrible odds. Anne Frank mentions her "one true love" in the book and I never really thought about the fact that he wasn't pictured. I never really thought much about him, but after reading the article I was really happy that a part of his story will be remembered and that a little boy with "beautiful brown eyes" will not be forgotten.

It is sad that so many people have been lost and it is even sadder that no matter how many people we lose to atrocities throughout the decades, and not only atrocities in World War 2 but also atrocities that are still being carried out right now, those people are forgotten when the next big break on Angelina's (supposed? I'm not really up on this) pregnancy or Paris Hilton's DUI is headlined.

What we do remember, however; are the aggressors, the murderers, and we forget the people who should really be remembered. We should remember Anne Frank and Peter Schiff. We should remember the countless people that have been lost to genocide and to senseless crimes, we should remember our humanity.

And that is really why I was touched when I read this article about Peter Schiff, because it is a shining example of remembering those that have been lost.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"R-r-r-r-oll Up the Rim" Again

Well, it's that time of year again. No not spring cleaning although that isn't too far away, and it's not Easter. Nope, it's that wonderful time of year that every Tim Horton's mean...consumer waits for.

It's time to "roll up the rim!"

I should have realized that it was almost upon us when I joked about the silly coffee cup rim roller that a certain store was selling but I didn't. I just laughed with the cashier about the absurdity of paying 2.99 for something that has the same function as your teeth or thumbs. After that, I completely forgot about it.

Today though, I stopped by Tim's (as it is affectionately called) and ordered a medium regular for my husband. I longed to say the words, "and a large double double" but refrained from it. You see I am a big time Timmie's junkie. I know my vice and I have fought the addiction for years.

For those of you who drink Tim's, you'll know what I'm talking about when I describe how great it tasted every morning. Other coffee just can't compare. I remember when I lived in Cincinnati for a year, I would drive 30 minutes out of my way to go to the only Tim's near me. The coffee wasn't that great but it was Tim's so I had to have my fix. Sure I was able to calm the addiction a little and only go once or twice a month but it was very sad since there was a great bagel and coffee place only 5 minutes from me. Whenever I would go home to Canada, the first stop after the border was the Tim's. Didn't matter if we crossed in the morning, afternoon or two in the morning, we needed the Tim's.

Still, I ignored the fact that maybe I had a problem and just went on with my merry life.

Then a few years ago, I decided maybe I was drinking a little too much and maybe it was time to quit. This coincided with the beginning of February, which is my month of change. Don't ask me why that is but every February I cut my hair or dye my hair or quit a habit. Maybe it's because I need that change so I can make it through the rest of winter or maybe I am officially crazy. Whatever the reason, I always cut myself off from Tim's in February.

Even if I am doing a great job at avoiding my habit, I always get tricked into drinking Tim's when the "roll up the rim" event starts. I lie to myself and say, "Just one cup to see if I can win." One cup leads to two, which leads to three, which leads to me being hooked again until the following February.

This year I decided to give up Tim's again but it was for reasons besides change. It is after all the season of Lent and I gave up the one thing I didn't think I could live without. I have been doing very well, no Tim's, very few cravings and I can actually go to the drive through and order a coffee for DH without feeling the need to order for myself.

Now it's that horrible time again and those red coffee cups with their yellow "Roll" are beckoning to me but I am going to win this battle. I am doing this for myself and it will benefit my health, and my wallet (because let's face it 365 days of large double doubles at 1.37 per cup that is a whole lot of money). So the next few weeks of the roll event, I will be tempted more than once but hopefully I will get through it and be Timmie's free on the other side.

For those of you still enjoying Tim's, please "roll up the rim" for me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Rejection Letter

I sent out queries for my first novel about a week ago and I wasn't actually expecting answers back yet so I was a little surprised when I found the envelope sitting in my mailbox.

I knew there would be a rejection letter the moment I opened the door to my mailbox but I was a little confused when I opened the envelope to find my query letter stuffed inside. I almost missed the little 1 inch x 3 inch cut piece of paper that said, "It doesn't meet our present needs." I opened it up outside so I almost lost it in the snow.

I thought I would be disappointed but I wasn't at all. Maybe that will kick in later. I did actually say, "Thank, God. If that is how they send back rejection letters, I don't want them for my agent."

I'm not sure why but I just felt a little jipped. I mean where was the form letter stating yadda, yadda, yadda, etc, etc, etc...No, we don't want your manuscript.

The fact that I was indignant about how small my rejection letter was just made me laugh and I think that is the whole reason why I don't feel destroyed.

Thank you Mrs. Agent Woman. You started the rejections on a positive note for me. So all you other Agents with a mighty pen in your hand (or in this day and age a mighty keyboard), bring it on!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hello again

Well, it's been a while.

(Embarrassed pause, shuffling of feet.)

I know that I said I would write more than I had at the end of the year but like all great resolutions, that one fell to the wayside. I can say that I have been busy and that is the main reason behind my not writing. I have had lots of work and when it comes to getting the deadlines done, it always comes down to not writing personal things.

This blog is one of the personal things that I have not done but thankfully this week will be an open week for me. I just finished up a series of articles today and will be finished the next series by Tuesday, only one left and I just need to find a loaf of bread. That is a long story and I'm under an NDA so I can't tell it to you.

That will give me Wednesday through to Sunday, and possibly all the following week to finish up one last contract, and get some personal writing done. The novel for one, the website for two and the blog for three.

So just a little post but I will try to get on tomorrow and post something about how wonderful my new kitchen table is or something. Until then...