Friday, February 29, 2008

Anne Frank's "One True Love"

The other day I came across an article about Anne Frank and how they finally have a picture of Anne Frank's "one true love." You can read it here if you haven't yet,

If you haven't read the Diary of Anne Frank, I would strongly suggest that you do so. I read it a few years ago and it has become one of my most honored books. You don't approach the book looking for a good read (although it is very strong) or witty plot lines carefully pieced together by some writer. You approach it as what it truly is, the world through the eyes of a young Jewish girl during World War 2.

You really see who Anne Frank was and you share in the world that she knew for over 2 years, it is not filled with just unhappiness (there are some very unhappy parts) but it is also filled with the human spirit and its ability to continue on despite horrible odds. Anne Frank mentions her "one true love" in the book and I never really thought about the fact that he wasn't pictured. I never really thought much about him, but after reading the article I was really happy that a part of his story will be remembered and that a little boy with "beautiful brown eyes" will not be forgotten.

It is sad that so many people have been lost and it is even sadder that no matter how many people we lose to atrocities throughout the decades, and not only atrocities in World War 2 but also atrocities that are still being carried out right now, those people are forgotten when the next big break on Angelina's (supposed? I'm not really up on this) pregnancy or Paris Hilton's DUI is headlined.

What we do remember, however; are the aggressors, the murderers, and we forget the people who should really be remembered. We should remember Anne Frank and Peter Schiff. We should remember the countless people that have been lost to genocide and to senseless crimes, we should remember our humanity.

And that is really why I was touched when I read this article about Peter Schiff, because it is a shining example of remembering those that have been lost.

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