Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hello again

Well, it's been a while.

(Embarrassed pause, shuffling of feet.)

I know that I said I would write more than I had at the end of the year but like all great resolutions, that one fell to the wayside. I can say that I have been busy and that is the main reason behind my not writing. I have had lots of work and when it comes to getting the deadlines done, it always comes down to not writing personal things.

This blog is one of the personal things that I have not done but thankfully this week will be an open week for me. I just finished up a series of articles today and will be finished the next series by Tuesday, only one left and I just need to find a loaf of bread. That is a long story and I'm under an NDA so I can't tell it to you.

That will give me Wednesday through to Sunday, and possibly all the following week to finish up one last contract, and get some personal writing done. The novel for one, the website for two and the blog for three.

So just a little post but I will try to get on tomorrow and post something about how wonderful my new kitchen table is or something. Until then...

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