Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Rejection Letter

I sent out queries for my first novel about a week ago and I wasn't actually expecting answers back yet so I was a little surprised when I found the envelope sitting in my mailbox.

I knew there would be a rejection letter the moment I opened the door to my mailbox but I was a little confused when I opened the envelope to find my query letter stuffed inside. I almost missed the little 1 inch x 3 inch cut piece of paper that said, "It doesn't meet our present needs." I opened it up outside so I almost lost it in the snow.

I thought I would be disappointed but I wasn't at all. Maybe that will kick in later. I did actually say, "Thank, God. If that is how they send back rejection letters, I don't want them for my agent."

I'm not sure why but I just felt a little jipped. I mean where was the form letter stating yadda, yadda, yadda, etc, etc, etc...No, we don't want your manuscript.

The fact that I was indignant about how small my rejection letter was just made me laugh and I think that is the whole reason why I don't feel destroyed.

Thank you Mrs. Agent Woman. You started the rejections on a positive note for me. So all you other Agents with a mighty pen in your hand (or in this day and age a mighty keyboard), bring it on!

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