Monday, November 5, 2007

I haven't forgotten you...

I know, it's been a long time in between breaths but I haven't been avoiding you...really...truly. Just last Thursday I had brainstormed a wonderful post on my way to class; the only problem; I forgot to post when I got home.

The next day another wonderful post surfaced, and of course I was in the shower, so although I tried to scrawl it on the tiles with bath crayons it just didn't translate well after the shower.

I have been busy, juggling a thousand balls and I'm pretty sure that I never learned how to juggle in the first place. Oh well, must be a natural talent. I have a few contracts and the white whale is beckoning me from the icy depths of antiquity so today will be a short post, yet again. (On a side note, I have yet to read Moby Dick but I sure refer to that whale a lot).

If you want to see my latest article, go to and if you want to join a wonderful writing group that is just getting started, click on the yahoo group icon on the left hand side.

All the best and hopefully tomorrow will bring more words and an ocean of ideas surfacing before the girth of that darn whale.

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