Friday, July 22, 2011

The Lotus: Part One

You float there. Upon the still water, a silent beauty that holds so many secrets. I am enamoured of you, wondering what the kiss of your petal would feel like. Wondering what secrets you have hidden in the depths below you. Are you a nymph? Or are you merely a flower that heralds the mysteries of nature. You have become to me an obsession and I watch you every day, wondering if the sunlight of a new morning would draw from you the secrets that I yearn to understand.

There was a lotus flower on the water that caught my imagination and attention. It was during the first morning, as I sat watching the boys fish. I turned and looked out along the shoreline and saw a flash of white. My attention focused on it and there was the beautiful flower just floating there on the water.

It had opened its petals to the morning sun and just watching it on the water, floating peacefully, its light yellow exposed for all to see, I felt my mind opening. Suddenly, ideas came jumping in my head. Ideas for stories, books, articles. Not all of them inspired by the lotus drifting there but the first one, that first thought had been about the flower.

The rest of the ideas were pulled from the muddled depths of my mind. The depths that had lost a bit of its desire to write, something that had saddened me greatly. Before I left for this vacation, I had hit my wall. I wasn’t enjoying my work anymore and sometimes the thought of writing was more work than passion. I had seen it in my work, the lack of enthusiasm for the written word, but I feel it coming back. And it is all because of that lotus sitting on the waves, reminding me to dip beneath the surface to find that passion I had once again.

So, over the next few weeks, I will share the images of the lotus since it had become my sole purpose in the early morning to find it and photograph it.

Here are my favourite shots from the first morning:

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