Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December is here!!

December is here and the holidays is only a few short weeks away. I am so behind on my shopping. I have 2 presents bought officially and I haven't even started my Christmas cards. On top of that, both of my kids want to make their Christmas presents so I have to go out and buy the supplies for those. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day and I find I count minutes to make it feel like I have a lot to do.

Let's see. This task will take me 15 minutes but that still leaves me with 885 minutes to accomplish all of that. Yep, plenty of time to do everything. So while there may only be 24 more days until Christmas, you still have 34560 minutes, give or take a few, to get all your Christmas shopping done.

See, I like my way better. I'm not behind on getting Christmas shopping done. I'm actually right on schedule and may even have a few thousand minutes to spare.

Anyway, wishing all of you a Happy Holiday Season this December. (Thought I would start early on the well wishing.)


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