Monday, June 2, 2014

Not much of a Blogger

Okay, I admit it.  I am not much of a blogger.  Ever since I was a little girl, I didn't want to write a journal and a blog is a lot like a journal. It wasn't that I didn't write. I was always writing and I have folders upon folders of stories, random sentences and poems that date back over 20 years.  What I don't have is a journal (actually, I have several failed journals) and it is mostly because I am a private person.

I want to share the stories I write, the successes of the writers I work with as an editor and funny stories as I come across them.  I have always been hesitant on sharing things that are going on in my life. Some are things that are personal and I want them to remain private.  Other things just seem rather dull.  And I don't want to subject you to something dull and rather pointless.

So that is the reason why the blog is rather quiet but I am making an effort to blog more over the month of June.  In addition to the blogging, I am going to be challenging myself as an author and writing 50,000 words in June.  I will be starting tomorrow and I will definitely let you know what is happening with the word count and maybe share some pages from my books as I do.

I have a few ideas for additional novels and I have my novel, The Hunted, going out to beta readers this week.  Hopefully, I will have a published novel by the end of the month and will be working through edits on my second novel.

I will be posting so that maybe I can move my status from "Not much of a blogger" to "Well, she is an okay blogger" in the near future.

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