Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March 26: Walking for Victims and Survivors of Violence and Abuse

Today marked the first day in the walk that I was walking for someone other than myself.  I didn't pick a name today, instead, I chose to walk for everyone who has been touched by violence or abuse in some way; whether you are a victim, a survivor or someone you love is a survivor.

One thing that I thought about as I set out on my walk is that we often think that we are alone.  If we disclose, everyone we know will abandon us or not believe us.  In some cases, some of the people that we rely on do, in fact, leave but it is never about you. It is simply that they cannot grasp the pain that is endured by many around the world.  It is more about them and their foibles than it is about you and if they cannot be there for you when you need them most, then they were never there in the first place.

But those are not the people that we look at.  The people that matter will be there for you and there are always other people; survivors, counselors, loved ones, and even strangers, that will be there for you.  They will help you overcome the pain of your past and lead you to a future that you deserve.

So today I walked for all of you and I wasn't alone in my walk.  Instead, I walked with you in my head and heart; the steady thump of my dog's feet at my side.  The world opened up around me.  It started off gray, we are still in the grip of winter, but as I walked through the trees, sunlight trickled down onto us.  The snow is still here, the trees still barren but as I walked, I noticed the spaces where I can see grass.  As I walked, I could feel the warmth of the sunlight and see the squirrels scurrying over the snow.  As I walked, I could hear the birds singing and all of it felt like hope.

And that is where my walk took me the realization that no matter how dark the winter, spring will come and with it hope.

Mileage: 2.741
Total: 5.011/1,000

Daisy standing guard while I took the photo.

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My 1000 miles challenge was inspired by Angela Giles Klocke and her own 1000 miles journey.  You can find Angela's journey at Scars and Tiaras.  Please visit her site and her facebook page to learn more about how you can get involved in the 1000 miles challenge.