Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30 Days of Challenges

One thing that I have found over the last few years is that it is very easy to just put my own health to the side.  There are always thousands of other things that I need to do and the kids need this or that.  By the end, I am too tired to do something for myself.

That is one of the reason why this blog has tumbled into the state that it is in but this year is all about recharging.  I will be recharging my business, my home, my garden and myself.  Time to spend a bit of time on myself and not use all of my time on the family, the dogs and the clients that I have.  Yes, I will still get my work done and I really enjoy working with my clients.  I also enjoy spending my time with my family and the dogs but I need to spend some time just for me.

So, let the recharge begin.  First with this blog and the challenges that I have set for myself.

Challenges that I am doing for the month of May, starting today, are:

30 Days of Blog Posts

Yes, this is day one of blog posts and by the end of 30 days, hopefully, I will have a blog post a day on here, and growing.

30 Days of Squats

The whole 30 days of challenges started when I came across this post on my facebook page.  30 days of squats starting with 50 squats.  I swallowed that kernel of fear that was choking me as I said I would join the group.  This morning, after the kids went to school, I got down to business and did 50 squats.  I could feel the burn in my body but I managed through it.  Hopefully, I will be able to keep going with this.

30 Days of Planks

Just like the squats, I decided to do the planks.  Day one was horrible and I barely made it the 20 seconds for the plank.  My arms were quivering as I watched the stop watch placed beside me.  I don't trust myself to do the count in my head. I know that 20 seconds would go a lot faster if I was the one counting it.  So yes, as each millisecond slid onto the screen, I kept wondering if the stopwatch was broken.

30 Days of Crunches

And finally, I will be doing 30 days of crunches.  Another one that is going to be really hard for me.  Crunches are probably one of the top exercises that I hate and I often avoid doing it but here's hoping I will stick to it.

I do have a slave mean a support group for this.  My husband is happy to make sure that I am sticking to the challenge.  He is very good, almost too good, at keeping me on task when I set one for myself  About 6 months ago, I quite drinking coffee and even now, when I hint at having a coffee (or try to have a coffee), he makes sure I don't.  So the first hint that I am going to quit, I am sure he will be on me.

At the end of the month, if I succeed, I will give myself a huge husband thinks I should join the kwoon he goes to so I can punish my body even more...I guess.  So if you are interested in doing the challenges with me.  Please sign up in the comments section.

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