Monday, August 1, 2011

Birds of a Feather

Packing right now for our move and I found a folder of old writing that I have kept since I was a child. I thought I might share a few with you. The first one I wrote when I was 15 and I actually remember the assignment for it. We were given a saying in Creative Writing and asked to write something from it, making sure we use the phrase at least once. Mine was Birds of a feather, flock together. Here is what my 15 year old mind came up with:

What was that? Did you feel it too? It feels like the caress of a feather softly pricking at the back of my neck. Is this the soft caress you feel when you die; is this the beauty of death?

My vision blurs at the sight of millions of feathers flowing in a whirlwind around me. The feathers that have surrounded me for my whole life. I am in the heart of all that is peaceful yet turbulent.

Am I that heart?

We grow together each year; the soft feathers that have always cushioned my fall. My falls, too abundant to really keep track of. This is my protection of all that tries to hurt me but it will never stop the pain that cuts within; the spiritual pain. Tell me, do the feathers surround you like they surround me? Do the birds flock towards your life?

I hope that you too have the softness of the feathers to hold you in a light caress, to catch you when you fall. I hope that when something starts to bring you pain, that the birds of a feather flock together around your life.

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