Thursday, February 17, 2011

Waiting to Hear

I think much of the time, writing is all about waiting. First you are waiting for this contract, or waiting to hear back about this article, or that article. It can become very frustrating at times and sometimes, that frustration can really hinder your writing.

At other times, the days of waiting can be extremely tiring. If someone would just give you some news, you would be happy, unfortunately, that doesn't happen. Right now, I am waiting to hear back about a writing grant from The Canada Council for the Arts - Canada Council for the Arts.

Hopefully it will be good news but I am not a strong believer that it will be. Only 23% of applicants are chosen and while that is significantly higher than other grants, it is still a long shot when it comes to odds. Tomorrow will mark the 20 weeks that the granting process takes so I should hear back soon. Wish me luck and maybe I will have good news sometime next week.

Then again, I may have to wait a bit longer than next week.

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