Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time slips by but children find the words

It's amazing how fast time slips by when you are completely absorbed in writing something. I have been so focused on freelance writing that I haven't written on the blog. I have also been so focused on finishing the edits on a manuscript that again, I haven't written on the blog.

Right now I am waiting to hear back about the latests edits that I have done on a manuscript. The publisher seems very interested in the story but it needs work before it can more towards a contract. So I am on edge with that but I pass the time with manuscript number two and a number of freelance commitments that I have.

But I thought it was time to update and since I have been lacking the words to post on here, I thought maybe my children could find the words for me. And they did! Actually my oldest has been talking about writing a book and below is a scan of his story that he was working on. He has shifted gears but I think the story below is a really good first attempt, especially since he was 7 when he wrote it.

If you can't read his printing, I have supplied the text below. Beware, it's all about Star Wars. (his punctuation too)

"Star Wars
As the clone wars continues, on the Planet Mustafar a big war is on. Clone troopers blow up droid tanks. "We have blown up a turbo tank," said the droid commander.

The droids launched some spiderdroids. BOOM! Blasts go everywhere. One clone fell down. As many troops and droids got hit a huge blast hits a tank! "Fire! Fire! Fire!," said a clone.

In a room ten troops fight ten droids. A turbo tank is hit. Ten huge blasts hit some turbo tanks and spider droids." >>>next page<<<
"BOOM! BOOM! The droids start to launch more tanks. A big blast hit a room and beating some droids and troops. Zap! "Hind behind that tower," said the clone commander. A blast hits a spiderdroid. "That spider is down," said a clone. Most of the ships have left now. Boom! The ships shake." >>>next page<<<

"Clone pilots rush to their fighters. Droid ships shoot at clone ships. Some clones land on a droid ship. They put charges on the ship. "Run," said a clone. BOOM!

"We are beating a cloneship," said a droid."

That was as far as he went with it but I thought it was very cute and very well done.

Hope you enjoyed the story and everything.


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