Wednesday, December 17, 2008


My husband and I went Christmas shopping today and on the way home we started talking about vampires. Do not ask me how we get from Christmas to blood sucking fiends...oh wait...crowded stores sucking the life blood from my wallet. Okay, obviously there is a connection.

Anyway, we were talking about various movies, books and television shows that are centered around vampires and my husband happened to mention the movie, "Bitten." It wasn't the best movie that we have seen but it had a few good moments. One of those was the fact that the vampire was more of the traditional style of vampire. She needed to eat all the time, when she ate there was dead people. At this point, the characters in the movie were left with a body to deal with, which a blood hungry monster would obviously leave behind.

Of course, this conversation led to other conversations, all surrounding the undead and I came up with a great little scene involving vampires.

Okay, picture the background. Nice living room, two guys (not sure why I'm thinking guys) sitting on the couch, blankly staring at the television with a bored expression on their faces. The first one turns to the second and says, "What do you want to do?"

The second continues to stare at the television screen and begins picking his long fangs," I don't know, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know. There's nothing to do."

Long pause as the vampires watch the television for a few minutes before the first one jerks up, "How 'bout we go and kill someone?"

Second one thinks about it for a few seconds, "Nah, I killed someone last night. I hate to say this but killing people just isn't as fun as it once was. I mean, no one screams in terror, they just laugh and say, 'Nice fangs, moron.' Where's the fun in that? I could just stay home if I wanted to be insulted."

"Oh," long pause," Well, we could go and get a drink."

"Yeah, we could but I just had a snack not that long ago. She wasn't that tasty, too much McDonald's but it hit the spot."

"Yeah, yeah, I ate too," even longer pause, "Hey, I hear the old Dracula movie is playing on the movie channel tonight. Want to watch it."

Second vampire nods his head, "Yeah, sounds great. Let's do that."

Of course, mine isn't that funny but when you think up the undead, there really isn't that much to do at night. Sure, you can go to a couple clubs, hang out with other like minded individuals but the bars close eventually and then what, hang out at the all night Walmart. Now there's a way to spend eternity. Even if you have an active "vampire life," there are going to be a lot of nights that are mind numbingly boring.

Anyway, there is my little thing on vampires. And just in time for Christmas too!


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