Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Walking for Kid's Help Phone

I woke up this morning still feeling a bit of the melancholy of yesterday but as the sun slipped above the horizon, that melancholy went away really quickly. I did spend most of my day outside, enjoying the sunshine and getting the yard organized. It is amazing how rough it can look by the end of the winter but it looks much nicer now and all I need to do is wait for some of my spring bulbs to come up to really make a difference. I'm going to have to see about setting up an office outside this season so I can write in the sunshine.

Before I made it outside, I came across the Bell Walk for Kids Help Phone. At first I wasn't going to sign up and I went off to check my email. Sure enough, I cycled back to the page and I decided that I would do it. So on May 4th, I will be walking for the Kids Help Phone and my kids will be pulled behind me in a wagon. I am taking pledges so if you happen by and want to pledge, either hit the widget in the side bar or click here. My goal is 500 so hopefully I can get there.

If not, I will still go out and walk it. I have a lot of conditioning to do over the next few weeks but who knows, I might become addicted to marathons. Let's hope not though. VBG.

So it was a much better day today than yesterday but isn't that how the song goes.


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