Saturday, May 10, 2008


I've been suffering from nightmares again. I always attribute it to my over active imagination and the lack of writing. I'm not sure why I'm having nightmares since I am writing every day but I think it might be do to the fact that I'm not writing fiction. I have a lot of non-fiction articles to write right now and I'm finding it hard to balance the fiction with the non. I know that I have to do something and not for the sake of simply getting rid of these nightmares.

They have been very bad and it has made me not want to sleep, not want to dream. Since I don't want to sleep, I stay up until I am exhausted and have no choice but to go into the bedroom and fall asleep. Then I am up again a few hours later because I have had another nightmare. It has been ongoing and when I try to sit down to actually get some writing done, I find that I am too tired to think properly.

I will be working on a new schedule, trying to find time to post here everyday and to write a little fiction, even if it is only one or two pages. I know I can do it and all it takes is a little planning.

For today though, I'm going out to enjoy the sunshine and get some vitamin d. I might feel much better by the time I get back inside.

All the best,


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